Logos & Brand Design

We love being able to help brands & creatives in more ways than just photography - here are a few of our recent logo designs...

We had a lot of fun designing this cute little logo for Jamie Lee, a mom, teacher, and soon to be podcaster extraordinaire! First, we sat down with Jamie and had her create a color palette that spoke to her and her brand identity. She wanted something bright, fun, and welcoming.

We searched far & wide for the perfect fonts that would click with the brand. Jamie chose the bubble/balloon font for its fun feel and uplifting vibes. The script font paired well and acts as a "signature" look.

Once we got the basic structure down, we tweaked the colors & added her podcast tag/subtitle for a full logo look! We love how bright & fun this design is.

The Jacks' logo & business card design was actually a lot of fun. This original Americana band from Central PA reached out for branding that went along with their band name; they ended up settling on the idea of a playing card - so creative!

The simplicity of the logo lends itself to be used in a multitude of ways from banners to t-shirts! The edgy font and playing card elements give it a unique and "rough around the edges" vibe that fits the feel of the band members & their music!