Hey Hey! I'm Danielle B.

But you can call me Dani. I'm a photographer with a passion for people and a heart for community. I want to get to know you, your mission, and your story! A little bit about me: I'm an enneagram 4w3 who loves giving (& receiving) gifts. I'm a lover of all things soft & snuggly, a fur mama, and a self proclaimed 18-19th century nerd (yeah, we can totally chat about that later).

Hi There! I'm Sydney E.

But you can call me Syd. I'm a photographer with an eye for product detail, and a heart for connection. I want to get hands on and play with the amazing products you create. Some things about me: I’m a Ravenclaw, ENFJ and though I have no idea how to understand the enneagram test, a 3w2. (Dani assures me that’s accurate). I’m a complete geek who loves all things superhero and Star Wars. (a theme at my wedding was superheroes!) I’m 4’11 so I challenge you to come up with a short joke I haven’t heard before!

Together, We are b|E Creative.

So what in the world does the "B|E" stand for? Our last names! Battistella & Estevez - get it?? Well, we thought it was pretty cute.

But seriously, we are so excited to be a team that can capture exactly what you and your brand need. With Dani being an experienced portrait photographer, and Syd being a seasoned product photographer, we are literally able to offer you...the full package.


B|E's mission is to provide awesome content for amazing creators. Right now, we are happy to offer product photography & branding sessions. This gives us (and you) an opportunity to capture both the art & the artist! Whether you create luxury cosmetics, beautiful bridal gowns, or delectable baked goods, whatever it is, we want to capture what you do & create in a way that you are proud to show off.



“Omg, I am floored! Literally looking at the images with my jaw wide open! Thank you so much these are amazing. They really allow my customers to envision the products in their homes. This is what I needed!!”

—Heritage Apothecary